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The Beautiful Little Food Known as Hummus

Category Diet, Health

Hummus had become quickly known as an easy snack and great appetizer to meals. This food is raved about in the Mediterranean lifestyle and we’re catching on in the U.S. Hummus is a dip that is derived from chickpeas. This dish is created by blending chickpeas, tahini paste, garlic, olive oil and other desired flavors. Read More…

Timing of Workouts

Category Exercise, Health

People always claim that certain times of the day are better for working out than others.  The personal trainer in the gym wants you to workout in the mornings, while your coworker tries to persuade you that evening walks are even better for you.  The good news is that you don’t have to listen to Read More…


Category Diet, Health

Chia seeds have become all the rage lately, but many of us still can’t get the picture of the green fur of a Chia pet out of our heads. So, what exactly are chia seeds? Chia seeds come from a desert plant that is a member of the mint family. They are believed to have Read More…