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Convenient and Healthy!

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Many many times I hear patients stuck in the rut of choosing unhealthy foods for snacks because they are more convenient. Junk food has a longer shelf life and virtually needs no refrigeration so it can be left in a bag or purse for months. However, i’m here to tell you that healthy food can be convenient too!

One of the most convenient foods is fruit! How much easier can it get than no packaging and almost getting to eat the entire snack? This snack doesn’t even require any special packaging or preparation. Pair this food with another one on the list for a little bit of protein and you’ve got a perfect snack time.

So now we need a little bit of protein. Enter hummus, a great source of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. Instead of having to get a large container of hummus at the store and dole it out into portions, they have now come out with individual portion sizes. While these do need refrigeration long term, you could absolutely throw them in a bag in the morning and they will be fine without refrigeration by the time lunch rolls around (assuming you aren’t keeping them in a sweltering place during that waiting time). Combine with some pretzels or veggies and you’ve got a well-balanced snack.

And finally.

Individually portioned almonds. These are the perfect mix of good protein and good fats. The best part is that they have a relatively long shelf life so you can leave them in cars, purses, bags, etc. for a quick, convenient snack. They are even starting to come out with individually sized bags of other nuts just in case almonds don’t tickle your fancy. These healthy convenient snacks are just skimming the surface of snacks that you can have around to keep you and your body going during the day. A couple of other tried and true snacks can be:

String Cheese

Greek yogurt

Trail Mix

Get your brains thinking and start to make healthy food convenient for you!


Katherine Horner

Surgical Weight Loss Dietitian and Exercise Specialist