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Exercise in 2015

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Many of us have made the resolution for 2015 to get in shape and increase exercise.  But what type of exercise is really the best?  A study in the Journal of American Medical Association-Pediatrics reports that the most effective way to drop body fat is a combination of resistance training and aerobic exercise.

The study looked at 304 obese teens for 22 weeks.  The teens were divided into groups either completing aerobic exercise 4x/wk (1), completing resistance exercise 4x/wk (2), completing both resistance and aerobic exercise 4x/wk (3), or completing no exercise (4).  After 22 weeks, results showed a body fat decrease of 1.2 percent in the group completing only aerobic exercise (1),  a 1.6 percent decrease in those completing only resistance exercise (2) and a 2.4 percent decrese in body fat for those completing both resistance and aerobic exercise (3).

This goes to show how important a combination of both aerobic and resistance exercises are in weight loss.  So make sure that when creating your training plan for 2015 you use both these training techniques!


Katherine Horner, MS, RD, LD, NASM-CPT, CES

Surgical Weight Loss Dietitian & Exercise Specialist


Source from Diabetes Forecast, published in print January/February 2015 issue

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