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Coconut Oil-Is it Healthy?

Category Diet, Health

Coconut oil has been getting a good bit of press lately. People use it on their hair, face and in cooking. So what is this mystery oil all about? Coconut oil is the oil extracted from the meat of the coconut. Oddly enough, this oil is a plant-based saturated fat. Saturated fats are termed this Read More…

Egg-White Oatmeal

Category Diet, Health

Recently, many patients have been noting eating oatmeal for breakfast on their food recall.  I think the cold weather makes us all crave something nice and warm.  The hard downfall of mosts oatmeal is that it only has ~6g of protein in one cup.  So in order to get a little more protein we need Read More…

Partner Workout

Category Exercise, Health

Disclaimer: Do not start a new exercise routine without first consulting your physician! It sure is cold out there, but this workout will definitely warm you up.  Plus, doing this workout with a friend or loved one will make in pass in no time.  So gear up and get going. Start with a quick 2 minute Read More…

What to know about Iron

Category Diet, Health

Iron is one of the minerals that is necessary for supplementation following a roux-en-y bypass procedure.  It’s important that we understand why iron is necessary for the body and ways that we are able to get some of it through food. Iron is a mineral present in many foods and added to some food products.  Read More…