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Bariatric Pyramid

Category Diet, Health

Lately, as I’ve been having discussions with you all, I’ve been trying to explain the nutrient priorities of a bariatric patient. Most of us understand that protein is necessary and is a top priority following surgery. However, we often forget how we should be prioritizing other foods as well. I searched to see if anyone Read More…

Low Carb Spaghetti

Category Diet, Health

My love for spaghetti runs deep, but it also means that I usually have a food coma after eating it due to too many carbohydrates.  Recently, i’ve been playing with different types of noodles to try and cut down on the carbohydrates in pasta while still enjoying one of my favorite meals.  Most recently, i’ve Read More…

Strawberry Season

Category Diet, Health

It is officially Spring and with the change in season comes my favorite season of fruit…strawberries!  Strawberry season begins in March and you’ve probably started to see the influx of this delicious red fruit in grocery stores.  The best part about buying this fruit in season is that not only is it more delicious and Read More…

Activity versus Exercise

Category Exercise, Health

You all have heard my many rants about increasing exercise and how important exercise is for the support of weight loss and weight maintenance.  The biggest point that I try to differentiate is between activity and exercise. Many of you are very active in your everyday lives: at work, yardwork, shopping.  You are standing or Read More…