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Activity versus Exercise

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You all have heard my many rants about increasing exercise and how important exercise is for the support of weight loss and weight maintenance.  The biggest point that I try to differentiate is between activity and exercise.

Many of you are very active in your everyday lives: at work, yardwork, shopping.  You are standing or moving much of the day.  However, can we count that as exercise?  Most likely, no.

The reason is because typically when we are moving during working hours or doing yardwork, we aren’t getting our heart rate up high enough to give us the benefits that exercise does.  We also want to create a habit of exercise, which is much easier to do with an intentional exercise routine rather than simply activity.

So give it a go, starting with an intentional exercise routine.  Even if it’s only a few minutes, 3x/wk.  That small routine can lead to bigger and better exercise in the future!