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Low Carb Spaghetti

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My love for spaghetti runs deep, but it also means that I usually have a food coma after eating it due to too many carbohydrates.  Recently, i’ve been playing with different types of noodles to try and cut down on the carbohydrates in pasta while still enjoying one of my favorite meals.  Most recently, i’ve been looking at different vegetables and how they can act as noodles.

I’ve tried spaghetti squash and love using it, but it is harder to find when not in season.  My last endeavor was using zucchini.  The best part about using zucchini to make noodles is that it has a mild taste so it doesn’t overtake the sauce.  It also cooks very fast, making for a quick and easy meal!  I tried zucchini noodles last week with spaghetti sauce and ground turkey and is was delicious!  You can use a spiralizer (special tool for making noodles from vegetables) or a plain old vegetable peeler.

Do you all use other vegetables as noodles? What have you tried?


Katherine Horner, MS, RD, LD, NASM-CPT, CES

Surgical Weight Loss Dietitian & Exercise Specialist