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Love of Oneself

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We’ve been discussing self-talk and love of ourselves at all stages during our journey.  This poem was put together by one of our patients and I wanted to share it with you all.  I hope it serves as encouragement and motivation.




Hey Ron, boy have things changed, You went from 383 to 238 and some change.

I know how you used to look in the mirror and hated what you would see,

Not knowing what a blessing loving yourself could really be.


It’s bigger than the clothes you now wear,

Bigger than the compliments you now hear,

Bigger than the size 38 pant you now fit it,

Or the flirts and looks you get for other women.


If you don’t learn to LOVE you none of it matters,

You will never be able to truly see yourself like a glass that’s shattered.

Love you because I’m your conscience and I still do.


Ive seen the many tears,

Ive seen the fears,

I’ve seen you wait for the elevator because you couldn’t walk up two flights of stairs.

But when I look at how hard you fight.

I’m proud to be apart of you so yes I’m the one praying over you and giving you kisses at night.


So now I hope you see, That I’m you and you are NOW me!

I LOVE you Ron Goodwin.