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Non-Scale Victories

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Throughout the journey of Surgical Weight Loss, many individuals can get stuck on only focusing on how many pounds they’ve lost according to the scale. However, the SWL tool does much more than just decrease that number. It is important for us to recognize the victories beyond the scale because that is truly where a healthy lifestyle occurs. According to patients who attend the St. Francis Weight Loss Support Group, here are a few successes they’ve seen, regardless of the number on the scale: 

-Extended time outside enjoying yard work
-Ability to do my own car maintenance…fitting underneath the truck
-Feeling 25 again when I’m in my 60’s
-Better job performance
-Reduction or elimination of medications
-Being comfortable in stadium seats
-Not worrying about restaurant seating especially booths
-Increased Endurance
-Breathing Easier
-Improved quality time in relationships
-Less pain in my back, hips, and knees
-Putting shoes on by myself
-Painting my own toe nails
-Better clothes and shopping for clothing in generic stores

Enjoy the journey! There is so much more to gain than reaching a number on a scale.