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Avocado Chicken Salad

Category Diet, Health

avocado chicken salad

With summer being such a busy time for activities and vacations, I have been searching for quick, easy meals. After talking about how great of a substitute avocado can be for various ingredients, I gave it a try. I used avocado as a substitute for mayonnaise in this dish and it really hit the spot! Read More…

How Many Steps?

Category Exercise, Health

fitness trackers

The new age of fitness trackers is upon us with the Fitbit, Jawbone and the Nike Fuelband to name a few. These trackers can be fantastic motivation to those of us looking to incorporate more activity into our lives. In order to increase activity, most of these trackers encourage a step count of 10,000 steps Read More…

Paleo: What is it all about?

Category Diet, Health


The Paleo craze has erupted with people praising its health benefits and weight loss abilities. Paleo eating typically refers to an eating style similar to one that would have been consumed during the Paleolithic era. During that time, meat and vegetables were the main food sources. So this style of eating focuses on non-processed meats, Read More…

Cereal for Breakfast: Friend or Foe?

Category Diet, Health


When we think breakfast food most of us jump right to the tried and true tradition of cereal and milk. With all sorts of mixes, flavors and ingredients there is never a shortage of variety. However, is cereal really the best option for breakfast? The main issue with cereal is that it typically has a Read More…

The Skinny on Fat

Category Diet, Health


The debate over fat has been going on for years. There was a point where everyone praised a low-fat diet and now we have people eating coconut oil by the spoonful. So what does fat really do and what types should we be eating? Fat is the most calorically dense energy source, yielding 9 calories Read More…

The Big Man on Campus

Category Diet, Health


Avocados are getting a huge amount of publicity recently for their wonderful taste and health benefits. This is excellent progress for the nutrition community as we used to scorn this fruit for its high fat content. This yummy food is taking the world by storm. It is true that avocados are about 85% fat. However, Read More…

Fun in the Sun

Category Health

blue flour

With a weird weather pattern this summer many of us are complaining about our lack of sunlight…and our body is too. Sunlight is one of the main ways that our body is able to make the Vitamin D that it needs. So how do we get the D that we need? The two main ways Read More…

Fueling Up

Category Diet, Exercise

Food for Exercise

A very common question I get is how to eat before exercising. So much information is out there that contradicts itself and everyone has a hard time determining what is best. When it comes to exercise, it is ESSENTIAL to fuel your body. But why, when and what are typically the next questions. WHY: Food Read More…

The Juicy Details on Juicing

Category Diet


I get asked multiple times a week about my professional thoughts on juicing.  Many people want to try it as a way to “cleanse” the body or restart their diet.  I typically try to dissuade from juicing and here is my reasoning:  1. Juice is simply carbohydrates: The items that we use for juicing are Read More…

Go Greek

Category Diet


Greek yogurt has taken the world by storm.  Dairy shelves have been infiltrated by different types, concoctions and flavors of this newly loved item.  So what’s so great about it and why is it different than regular yogurt? Both regular and Greek yogurt can be excellent additions to a healthy diet as they are a Read More…