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Non-Scale Victories

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Throughout the journey of Surgical Weight Loss, many individuals can get stuck on only focusing on how many pounds they’ve lost according to the scale. However, the SWL tool does much more than just decrease that number. It is important for us to recognize the victories beyond the scale because that is truly where a Read More…

Sustained Motivation

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Staying motivated to stick with health goals can be difficult, even after having a life-changing experience like weight loss surgery.  Simply having the surgery doesn’t mean you are immune to the temptations that we all face.  I want you to print out the next page or take a picture of it.  Keep it with you or Read More…

Tips to make Meal Planning simple

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meal planning

Meal planning is vital to weight loss and weight maintenance.  However, meal planning can be quite a daunting task week after week.  Here are a few tips to make meal planning a cinch: 1. Prepare ahead of time– If you know you’ll have a little more time at some point during the week, make some Read More…

Love of Oneself

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We’ve been discussing self-talk and love of ourselves at all stages during our journey.  This poem was put together by one of our patients and I wanted to share it with you all.  I hope it serves as encouragement and motivation.   “I LOVE YOU RON GOODWIN”   Hey Ron, boy have things changed, You Read More…

Working on the Self

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The way we view ourselves both before and after weight loss surgery can be very different and ever-changing.  Many patients struggle with self-image with such a drastic change. An article on ObesityHelp does a great job discussing some of the ways that self-image can be impacted by weight loss surgery. We can all stand to Read More…

A new look at emotional eating and comfort foods

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An article in Your Weight Matters Magazine dives into the topic of emotional eating and how our body and minds respond to what we perceive as ‘comfort foods’.  Take a look at this article and let us know what your thoughts are!   Katherine Horner, MS, RD, LD St. Francis Surgical Weight Loss Dietitian & Exercise Read More…

Welcome Dr. Selwyn

Category Surgery


Please join us in welcoming Doctor Calvin Selwyn, Jr., MD to our St. Francis Surgical Weight Loss Team. Dr. Selwyn comes to us from Wisconsin, where he started the St. Michael’s Hospital Bariatric Program. He is a board certified surgeon who specializes in all forms of bariatric surgery that are accepted by the American Society of Metabolic Read More…

Quinoa Salad

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Quinoa is a fantastic whole grain that not only has good complex carbohydrates, but also packs in some protein! There are plenty of easy ways to incorporate quinoa into a meal.  A quinoa salad is one of the easiest dishes to make because it requires such few ingredients and can be made so quickly.  It also Read More…

Slow Cooker Picadillo

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Picadillo is a traditional dish in Spain and many Latin American countries. This is a Cuban-style and goes great with cauliflower or rice.  It’s an easy throw together meal with great nutrition and high-protein! Ingredients:  1 lb ground turkey (you can use ground beef if desired) 1 cup diced onion 1 cup diced bell pepper Read More…

SWL Online Resources

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blue flour

Some websites can be fantastic resources for surgical weight loss patients.  However, you do have to make sure you realize that not everyone’s journey is the same and programs can vastly differ.  Below are some great resources, not only for surgical weight loss patients, but healthy lifestyles alike: ObesityHelp Obesity Action Coalition American Society for Read More…