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Hanging out with the Rabbit

Category Exercise, Health

We have an amazing luxury in Greenville by having a health friendly town. We have areas for biking, swimming, walking and more at our fingertips. One of the best amenities for exercise is the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The Swamp Rabbit Trail runs along the Reedy River and spans from Downtown Greenville to Traveler’s Rest. There Read More…

How Many Steps?

Category Exercise, Health

The new age of fitness trackers is upon us with the Fitbit, Jawbone and the Nike Fuelband to name a few. These trackers can be fantastic motivation to those of us looking to incorporate more activity into our lives. In order to increase activity, most of these trackers encourage a step count of 10,000 steps Read More…

Fueling Up

Category Diet, Exercise

A very common question I get is how to eat before exercising. So much information is out there that contradicts itself and everyone has a hard time determining what is best. When it comes to exercise, it is ESSENTIAL to fuel your body. But why, when and what are typically the next questions. WHY: Food Read More…