St. Francis Eastside Surgical Weight Loss

is surgery right for you?

Am I Candidate?

Weight loss surgery is not a quick fix. It’s an ongoing journey toward better health through long-term lifestyle changes. After surgery, you will feel satisfied with less food. You will also start to see changes in your body, weight, and health if you maintain the diet and exercise routines recommended by your surgical weight loss program. Some people are a better fit for weight loss surgery. In general, candidates:

  • Have a BMI of 35 or more or are roughly 50 or more pounds overweight with two or more major health concerns Check your BMI now!
  • Are non-smokers and do not abuse alcohol or drugs
  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Are committed to follow post-surgery guidelines

In order to qualify for bariatric surgery, you will meet with our multidisciplinary team that includes a bariatric surgeon, registered dietitian, psychologist, quality coordinator and program manager. We also offer early access to physical therapy and exercise programs. We realize that you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, but rest assured, all of our compassionate healthcare professionals are highly trained and eager to help you prepare for the changes and challenges that lie ahead on your personal journey toward better health.

Knowledge and support are key components to a successful bariatric experience. If you are interested in bariatric surgery, we suggest that you:

  • Understand the surgical process and what to expect afterward. Talk to people who have had bariatric surgery. Attend our support group where you can talk with others who have gone through our program.
  • Write down your reasons for having bariatric surgery and outline your plans to maintain your weight loss after surgery.
  • Start a journal. Record how you feel now, the challenges you face, and the things you hope to be able to do after bariatric surgery.
  • Ask your family and friends for their support. Talk to them about why you want to have bariatric surgery. It is essential to have people behind you, supporting you, and encouraging you.

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