St. Francis Eastside Surgical Weight Loss

what to expect

St. Francis Surgical Weight Loss is a comprehensive program that emphasizes the completion of these steps prior to surgery. Read below to learn more about the steps required in pursuing the option of surgical weight loss.


Attending a free Surgical Weight Loss Orientation Seminar is the first step toward beginning your bariatric surgery journey. At this seminar, you will learn what to expect about our program and will receive a checklist along with a Personal Information Packet. This checklist will be your guide in preparing for surgery, as it outlines your next steps in the process, such as making appointments with your regular physicians and specialists, and seeing our Psychologist and Dietitian. Find an Orientation Seminar

Nutrition and Exercise

A scheduled visit with our registered dietitian/certified personal trainer is a mandatory part of the St. Francis Surgical Weight Loss Program. Good nutrition  and exercise are key components to successful weight loss following bariatric surgery. Our program includes an initial comprehensive nutritional and physical activity assessment.  You will have  lifelong nutrition and exercise consultations with our licensed dietitian/personal trainer.

Weight loss surgery will change the way you eat for the rest of your life. Eating the correct foods, in the correct amount, will not only help you lose weight, but will also contribute to overall good health and wellbeing.  Physical activity and exercise are also essential in achieving successful weight loss and will change following surgery.


There is a common thread that unites those who have been successful in managing their weight following weight loss surgery: a demonstrated ability to accept that their surgery is not the magic pill that changed their lives. At some point, each has realized that their continued success depends on how they changed their habits and ways of thinking.

With this in mind, our program requires a pre-surgical psychological evaluation with a licensed social worker. In addition, ongoing support groups both in person and online are available and strongly encouraged to patients before surgery and in the years that follow. 

Pre-Surgery Appointments

Once your information and referrals are received and you have attended the mandatory dietitian and psychologist appointments, we will schedule an evaluation appointment with your surgeon. Your surgeon will review your surgical options and help you prepare you for what to expect from your surgery at St. Francis eastside.

Policies and Procedures

Please read through the policies and procedures, specific to our program. This document will provide insight into the requirements of the program and contraindications for surgery. SWL Policies